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It's good to be back

2023 marks my 17th year creating, producing and performing in the Midsumma Festival.


Unlike Melbourne Festival or Comedy Festival or even the Dumpling Festival, the Midsumma Festival is about my culture & my community, and that is why I have always dived into headfirst with such vigour.


Growing up I never wanted to be known as solely a 'gay artist', but it was also something I never wanted to hide, so to have somewhere for 3 weeks at the beginning of every year where celebrating and who I am with my community has always been really important to me.

That's why every year for the past 17 years I have never just done one thing during the festival, I have done as much as I could!


I've put on my own shows, helped curate others works, hosted events, produced dance parties, run social events and yes,I know people often think I'm nuts being such a busy homosexual but I love it, because having a festival like this means we should squeeze every drop out of it.


I get to celebrate who I am and share that with other people who feel that way too and it is just bloody fabulous.


Over the past few years that ‘spicycoughness that shall not be named’ has played havok with my solo shows in Midsumma - but not in 2023. I'm so excited to be producing two fabulous shows to the Midsumma Festival:

 ‘Dean Arcuri is Out of this World!’ at Grouse

'Frock Hudson's Rainbow Storytime Sing-a-long' at the Victorian Pride Centre

Unfortunately due to external factors, I have had to make the tough call to postpone 'Dean Arcuri is Out of this World!' until later in the year. Tickets purchased have been refunded.

Both bring me joy, but being to perform a cabaret as myself and not Frock means the world to me, so join me as we travel to #Deanfinityandbeyond with special guest in this fab new space on Smith Street. 

Looking forward to sharing more fabulous queer arts and culture with you all for Midsumma 2023.



317559477_601639791964619_3443659232017988008_n copy.jpg

Midsumma Carnival

Sports Precinct

Lip Synch Limelight

21st Jan



Pride March

5th Feb

Fitzroy Street


Dean Arcuri is

Out of this World!

2nd, 7th, 9th Feb

Grouse Melbourne


Victoria Pride

12th Feb



Frock Hudson's Rainbow

Storytime Sing-a-long

4th Feb

Victorian Pride Centre

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 2.39.30 pm.png

Gippsland Day Out

11th Feb

Gippsland Performing

Arts Centre

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